Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Children's Book Review - CRASH

For those of us who grew up with pets, we can relate to the boy in author Mayra Calvani's new children's book, "CRASH."

Describing it as the happiest day of his life, five year old Marcelo instantly bonds with his new Golden Retriever puppy. He bathes his puppy, plays with him, and learns the responsibilities that go along with puppy ownership.

There is one major issue for Marcelo, finding a name for his puppy. After several suggestions from his parents, the name he ultimately picks surprises them, but in reality, is the perfect name.

I can relate to Marcelo's plight....naming things, especially pets, was never my best talent. I had a brown dog named...Buster Brown. I had a calico cat named....can you guess?....that's right....Cal.

Luckily, Marcelo's character has more imagination then I ever did!

For more information on the book, you can check out the blog's website, http://www.crashthepuppy.blogspot.com/.

Plus, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue Organization.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for your generous review and for helping me spread the word about my book!

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