Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why The Jockey Would Have Stopped

Although this is usually a pet related website, I've spend this week posting and reading about the Kentucky Derby, and more specifically, Eight Belles. Although I plan to get back to my other writings, I felt this is such an emotional issue and I wanted to add in my perspective for whatever it is worth (maybe 2 cents?).

PETA is accusing the jockey of knowing something was wrong with the horse before she fell. But keep this in any race it’s in the jockey's best interest that the horse is stable and healthy. The jockey is looking out for himself. If the horse goes down on the track, a number of unfortunate things can happen. This includes the horse potentially rolling over the jockey, or the jockey getting trampled by the other horses behind him.

This is why it is unlikely that the jockey felt anything before the horse went down. A horse going down can lead to major injuries and even death for that jockey. Who would really want to risk that?

The risk of falling down on the track are way too dangerous to ever push a horse farther then an injury will let it go.


kneadstoknow said...

In addition to what you wrote about how jockies look out for themselves and their competitors to keep everyone as safe as possible, this was a very valuable horse.

I am positive that had he realised that something was wrong, he would have pulled her up to save HER as well.

When Barbaro was critically injured, Edgar Prado immediately took action to help save the horse. His intervention would have resulted in his still being alive, if Barbaro did not succumb to Laminitis.

Jockies know that their profession is very risky. The majority of them will also risk their lives to try to save the horse they are riding.

Thanks for your post!

Matt said...

Good Points. The Derby might be the biggest race, but not worth anyone trying to injur themselves or their horse.

Anonymous said...

But still, it's the Kentucky Derby. It might be worth the risk to try to win this historic race.

Anonymous said...

Good points. I'm in total agreement. Thanks for sharing.