Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog Feeding Frequency

How often do you feed your dog? According to a story by Long Tail Pet Products (Marketing arm of the Dog Pause Bowl See review) there is an emerging concensus among vets and dog nutritionists that feeding your dog twice or even three times a day is preferable to feeding your dog once a day.

By dividing meal time into several events during the day, you reduce the amount of food per mealtime and balance out the digestive activity of your dog.

By using multiple feedings, you help your dog better align his caloric requirements with energy needs throughout the day. No longer does your dog go through one long cycle of digestion and energy conversion as he or she digests a huge quantity of food.

You know how you feel after a big meal? Your dog feels the same way when a huge meal sits in his stomach. Break the total amount of food into multiple meals and you'll find your dog has more energy and has more balanced behavior throughout the day.


Pet and The Bengal Brats said...

How interesting that freefeeding is not mentioned...
Is the way we have always fed..

jan said...

It has worked for my dogs to just leave dry kibbles down all the time. So far none has gotten overweight.

Rei said...

That makes a lot of sense. Just like with humans, smaller and more frequent meals during the day helps keeps the pounds away.

Matt said...

I'm sure there are other factors at play besides simply how often you feed your dogs. I always wonder when I read and post things like this how many dogs were tested and what breeds were studied....that's why I usually quote where I got the information.

Therese said...

My cat and dogs all eat twice a day...and they won't let me forget it either. They can tell time!

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