Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Reason People Hate PETA

So PETA has found another target to use to push their agenda. This time, it’s a 20 year old jockey who happened to be riding in his first Kentucky Derby, finish in second place, and then have the poor horse break her two front legs.

So what is PETA doing about the situation? Asking for the jockey to be suspended!! And they are asking this without any knowledge of what happened, without stating any facts, without really focusing on the issue at hand.

And based on this: “PETA faxed a letter Sunday to Kentucky’s racing authority claiming the filly was “doubtlessly injured before the finish” and asked that Saez [the jockey] be suspended while Eight Belles’ death is investigated.”

Huh??? How could they know this?

I understand that horse racing is a tough sport, and if you want to attack horse racing as a whole, then by all means, use that as your subject. Ask the hard questions of the industry and get their responses. But don’t go after the poor jockey and make him guilty before being proven innocent.

The fact is that horses get injured at race tracks across the world every day, some of which have to be euthanized. But, you don’t see PETA at every one of these tracks making a big statement. You also don’t see PETA asking for the jockeys of every one of these horses to get suspended. Nope, they instead found a high profile, nationally covered event to make their points.

And instead of making the industry their target, they are trying to make an example out of one person. They are going after a young rider who happened to finish second in the Kentucky Derby. Now, I don’t know if this jockey mishandled the horse or not, but shouldn’t we wait and find out before trying to ruin this young man’s career?

Here’s the recent AP article.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole situation, or horse racing as a whole either. I think most of me though has a hard time reconciling the fact that these horses are put in situations where their life is on the line and people call it "sport." I don't watch these races, I don't bet on them, so for me its not really entertainment. The death of Eight Belles is a tragedy really. It didn't have to happen. It wouldn't have happened if she weren't in that race, there to "entertain" people. As for the jockey...yes, he should be "proven guilty" before being suspended. However, I also have a hard time believing he didn't know something was wrong. This guy has trained with the horse for some amount of time, I'm assuming, and must have had some insight into her running conditioning. If he continued to push her knowing she was hurt, then he should be suspended, and being the new guy in the business is not a good enough excuse. Common sense would have told anyone to stop.

kneadstoknow said...

The Racing industry really has to take a hard look at how they are expecting horses to perform at the tender age at which they are started in the "sport of kings". In my opinion, racing a horse under the age of at least, four years old, is asking for tragedy.

They are not sufficiently developed either mentally or physically, to be subjected to the huge stresses placed on them.

I am not either supporting or disparaging the sport itself, but the interest in racing is declining due, in part, to the tragic accidents that are happening to these magnificent animals.

At the same time, track conditions are being improved, but that is only one factor in providing a safer condition for these horses.

If they raised the age requirement to a more realistic one, I bet we would see far fewer accidents.

As far as Eight Belle's jockey is concerned, the jury is still out. I do hope they do find the answers as to what happened. She may even have had a heart attack or other physical condition that caused her to go down, which would be completely out of the hands of her jockey.

I hate PETA to be honest. They have done some incredibly cruel things to animals in the "name" of protection. Their philosophy is way over the top.

It was indeed a huge tragedy to lose such a beautiful filly, and I pray that the industry will revise itself and take action to ensure the greater safety of these horses.


Matt said...

I know my post will spark some comments and emotions and that is fine. From reading other posts around the blog world, it's good to see there are others who agree that PETA is taking the wrong approach on this issue.

Christina said...

I agree with you about the jockey. We do not know what he knew/felt at any point in the race. Frankly, his job is to run the race and unfortunately he did just that. As a person who has been involved with equestrian sports for 12 years the whole situation is disheartening.

Most horse owners and professionals oppose horse racing and its evil twin - eventing. But a huge factor, as with all equestrian sports is MONEY. and TRADITION. and unfortunately, those speak louder than concern and safety.

Thanks for posting on this Matt. Its good to see some dialog on this subject.

FUNNY PETS said...

I don't take anything PETA says seriously.

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