Monday, January 7, 2008

Who Would Your Pet Vote For?

As a blogger, I get emails about contests, promotions, products, etc. Well, this one comes to me with a simple question....who would your pet vote for in the presidential election? If you have a witty answer, you could win a years worth of free pet food.

Here is the link.

And here is a description:Pets can be as discriminating, particular and picky as people, so if they could vote, who would they choose? Would it be a front-runner or a write-in candidate? Here's the chance for your pets to cast their votes and tell us who they'd like to be their ministerial master and why!

My disclaimer: This link is for informational purposes and The Pet Haven is in no way associated with this contest.


jan said...

My pets would vote for me. No contest.

Matt said...

Unfortunately I'm not sure if my pets would all vote for me. The dogs would vote for "Mrs." Pet Haven......though I may have some strong support from the fish!