Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Dog's "Flix" at Greetingflix.com

I was recently contacted by http://www.greetingflix.com/ to check out their site and their unique twist on online photo imaging.

In today's digital world, it has become easier to transfer and show off your digital photos. But, Greeting Flix allows you to do more then show off your digital shots.

According to the site, "we set out to build a simple system that would empower people to combine the magic of music, motion and memorable messages with their personal photographs. The result is Greetingflix. Greetingflix gives you the ability to instantly create highly-personalized, cinematic e-greetings that feature your most treasured memories. A Greetingflix is a meaningful gift that brightens the day of your recipient."

So basically, you upload your digital pictures, and then insert them in a premade "flix" that can be sent where ever you want. The flix has graphics and music along with your pictures. And, they give you an html code so that you can put your flix on your websites. And, of course, I wouldn't be writing about it if they didn't have a pet related "flix."

Creating a flix is free, but in the free mode you are limited in storage capacity which limits how many pictures you can upload to your account. An upgrate to pro, for a nominal fee, gives you a lot more storage for all of your pictures.

Right now there aren't many pre-made flix, but the company hopes to add several more in the near future. The navigation was a bit confusing at first, and there is a learning curve in getting used to the site.

So, let me know what you think of my Flix!


Anonymous said...

That was adorable, though I wish the graphics looked a little less like Blues Clues and a bit more realistic.

kailani said...

I like that is has all that animation. It's very different than other online slideshow sites. The doggies are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome!

JHS said...

How cute is that?

Thanks for participating in this week's Carnival of Family Life, hosted at Diary of 1!!

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