Tuesday, July 10, 2007

M&M's Bad for Fish

As many of us pet owners know, chocolate is never good for your dog. As fellow blogger Pet Campbell http://www.petsgardenblog.com/, found out the hard way, they're not very good for fish either. Thanks to Pet for sharing this story with me via email.....

We had a 500 gallon salt water tank when our kids were small..
Our Daughter who must have been 6 or 7 used to hand feed our amazon parrot m
and m's
Curly.. the parrot loved them.. he would coo and plead with her.. she always
shared..I think she is the only person he liked.. well she shared cookies
and sunflower seeds also..
(She was killed 7 yrs ago by a drunk driver)

one day, coming in from the feedlot ( we were ranchers in Montana then) she
had dragged a stool over to the tank and had fed the salt tank fish m&m's...
several hundred dollars of fish died.. and our babysitter got fired..
I can laugh now.. but I remember sitting on the floor bawling...
Jesse our son now has the tank and was smarter than his mama
he has a hood that latches, and small fingers cannot open..
And Curly has adopted his daughter as best friend/ supplier of good

oh those clowns (fish) and anemones...


Spitfire said...

So important to teach our kids the dangers of chocolate so we can prevent the murder of innocent fish.

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