Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tainted Pet Food Still on Shelves


According to the FDA, they are still finding recalled pet food on the shelves of several stores. My thoughts -

Any store who isn't taking responsibility to thoroughly check the status of the food they carry is being totally irresponsible. I hope the names are released of any stores not acting on the best interests of their customers so pet owners know where not to shop.

With this being said, any pet owner who, knowing what we now know, are buying any product from the companies who were involved in the recall, or for that matter, buying food with wheat gluten, should really consider the consequences. If you care about your pet, and you've been following the situation, then I hope you are taking precautions to avoid feeding anything tainted.

The first thing I do when buying food for my dog is to check the ingredients. If it doesn't contain wheat gluten, and I decide to buy the food, I then doublecheck the recall list when I get home to make sure it hasn't been added when I wasn't paying attention.

I've been pretty much sticking to the same brand at this point, but every time a new recall is announced, I'm always afraid I may see the brand I'm using on the announcement.

It really is a shame the industry has come to this, but here's hoping this all gets better before it gets any worse.

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jan said...

I've been feeding my dogs the same brand they were eating before the recall since it seems to be safe. Usually I vary it with different food but not now.

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My Blog said...

Any store who isn't taking responsibility to thoroughly check
the status of the food they carry is being totally irresponsible.