Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pet Ownership Benefits of Health

Having a dog has been shown to be beneficial both physically and emotionally. Here are some of the findings:
- Dogs encourage people to get out and exercise. It gives you a motivation and reason to get outside and walk or move around. And, it's not as boring going for a walk with a dog then it is when walking alone.

-Pets can help improve your mood. We've all had bad days. But how many times have you come home and as soon as you walk in, your dog is jumping and wagging his tail and greeting you at the door? It's hard to stay in a bad mood when your furry friend is always so happy to be with you.

-Pets can help lower your blood pressure - Between the exercise and mood lifters as mentioned above, your stress level gets reduced and your blood pressure may actually drop.

- Facilitate laughter. Let's face it, pets do funny things, and make us laugh. Which then goes back to reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.

- Builds responsibility. A pet gives you something to care for and teaches you how to take care of another living, breathing mammal. Some first-time parents say their dogs helped prepare them for parenthood.

-Becomes a trusted friend. A pet is always there when you're sad, and always wants to be your best friend. Sometimes, my dog is better to me then people!

-A pet helps to keep you from being lonely.

-Improved sense of well-being. Again, a combination of a lot of the issues above, a pet helps you feel better overall.

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zodiapet said...

Don't forget about cats being benefical as well. When people pet their cats it is a well know fact that your blood pressure drops. Also, when you are with a cat that is purring for a happy reason, it is a form of meditation.
It has also been proven that when children grow up with pets, they are less prone to allergies.

jan said...

I read a study not long ago that compared the health of country kids to city kids in elementary schools. The country kids were healthier and the researchers cited their exposure to animals as giving them early immunities. But guess what...the kids who grew up in cities with pets scored as healthy as the country kids. I guess the moral is don't keep kids too clean as they are growing up. :-)

Medicine said...

Let's face it, pets do funny things, and make us laugh.