Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pet Bunnies

We have two friends who have a bunny as a pet. Bunnies are interesting little creatures. As I hung around them I started to observe their behavior. Observing really wasn’t all that tough-- they really don’t seem to do too much!

Now, I’m not putting down bunnies as pets, or trying to offend bunny owners. In fact, I think they are great little animals to have around the house. It’s like having a dog that doesn't bark. Actually, bunnies really don’t make much noise at all. They just go about their business, chewing on things, having a grand old time. They are fun to watch hopping about, and because they don’t make any noises, you have to look around at all times to see where the bunny might be don't want to accidentally step on one!

In some ways I wonder if owning a bunny is tougher then a dog or cat. Since they really don’t make any noises, it’s hard to know if the bunny is in need of anything. There is no barking, meowing, clawing, or any other obvious forms of communication that we get from our other furry pets.

I’m left to ponder such questions such as how does a bunny tell us when he’s hungry? Or when they are lonely? Looks like there is more to observe then I thought.


FUNNY PETS said...

When my brother and I were kids, we rescued some baby bunnies. We fed them with a doll's milk bottle and as they grew, kept them as house pets. They can be litter box trained!

You're right though, they're not really "fun" pets. They just kind of hop around, that's it.

Anonymous said...

You know how people always say that dogs are lovable companion pets and cats are more the "do my own thing" standoffish type animal...I think rabbits are more like that than cats. Rabbits are adorable, but if you're looking for a pet that will show you any sort of affection or be engaged in play, then a rabbit is not the right animal. They're not very active, all I ever seem to see them do is eat, and they don't even seem to like to be around people, they're always hopping away!

Bragie Iceland said...

If what your saying is true....How come the Easter bunny at the mall yelled at me when I stepped on his foot? He said I was stupid and that I would not receive an Easter basket. He also snapped the carrot I brought him in half and chucked it on the floor. Now if that isn't much bunny action then I don't know what is? Maybe they are a different breed or something?

About Health Blog said...

Actually, bunnies really don’t make much noise at all.

custom writing service said...

^ that's right!! and they don't run over whole your flat as an roadrunner ;)

Perrie Jinnie said...

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