Monday, January 12, 2009

Beware of Plastic Bags Near Pets

We've all seen the warnings on plastic bags that they could be a choking/suffocation hazard, especially to small children. This warning applies to pets as well. Even bags we wouldn't think of as problems, such as a potato chip bag or a grocery bag, can get stuck over your pet's head and cause problems, even death.

Be sure to keep the bags away from your pets. Since pets tend to get into the garbage, it's a good idea to open bags at both ends before discarding. It's also best not to encourage your pets to play with or inside of plastic bags...if they must play in a tight spaces, paper bags are better (though still keep an eye on them), or even a box without a cover.


jan said...

Plastic bags can smell like people food and some dogs will eat anything that smells like people food.

the three dog blogger said...

Very good advice. Dogs really will eat anything if it smells of food.

Fisher said...

I am aware of a cat (will not mention the name) who was playing with a plastic bag from the grocery - the ones with handles. Well he decided to run and the handles were caught around his neck. The more he ran, the louder the noise was and the more he scared he became. Fortunately it made so much noise, his human rushed to see what was going on (scared her a lot, too, because she thought she was home alone!) and she rescued him from the monster he thought was chasing him. All turned out well and plastic bags are tucked securely out of reach.