Friday, August 1, 2008

Growth of Healthy Food Industry

As everyone has noticed, the health and wellness craze is the hottest segment of the food industry and has been for several years. The pet food industry has also taken notice. Natural pet food, once a small and unnoticed category, is now the mainstream focus of every pet food company on the market.

What has been the niche of entrepreneurs has now caught on with the pet food marketing giants. Each now has its own version of natural pet food.

It is now up to the consumer to filter through the many products, which estimates put at more then 120 brand offerings and more then 5,000 natural, holistic, and organic pet food items.

My choice of foods, especially since the tainted pet food issues, has been to focus on the smaller, though well-known, makers of natural foods. I have stayed away from the larger, commercial –type companies who are making what they call natural foods. The problem is that the larger companies have a bigger marketing budget which may overshadow their ingredients in the minds of consumers.


jan said...

I'm with you and staying away from the large companies, especially after finding out that some of the more expensive ones outsourced production of some of their food.

aliah said...


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