Monday, August 25, 2008

Basic Bird Care - Bird Environment

Healthy birds can adapt to housing conditions that are generally comfortable to its owner. But sudden fluctuations in temperature may prove a shock to a bird that is ill or even a healthy one.

When possible, try to tailor humidity levels to what the species of bird would be accustomed to in the wild. Tropical birds may appreciate the steam of a shower or misting with water.


VeRonda said...

Good to know, Matt... I'll pass this info. on to my brother and his wife as they have a little birdie of their own.

PurrPrints said...

Just wanted to add that watching your chemical use is also essential to keeping a bird's environment safe. Air sprays, paraffin candles, many cleaning supplies, paint or construction dust, non-stick cookware or any source of PTFEs (including shatter-proof light bulbs, new stoves or other items that get hot)--all these can prove dangerous or even fatal to a bird's environment.