Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Silver Dollar" Fish Pic

This fish is commonly referred to as a silver dollar due to its shape and color.
I have two of them in my community tank.

About the Silver Dollar:
Silver dollars prefer subdued lighting, dark substrate, plenty of room to move about as well as some good hiding places. Because they will eat live plants, it’s advisable to use plastic plants, or very sturdy live plants. Although not fussy about water conditions, they do best in soft moderately acidic water.

These fish are mostly vegetarians. Among their favored foods are vegetable flakes such as spirulina, lettuce, watercress, and cooked romaine or spinach. They will also eat cooked vegetables such as peas and squash. When feeing any fresh food, take extra care to remove any uneaten portions promptly, as it will foul the water.

Even though the Silver Dollar prefers a vegetarian diet, they will eat meaty foods as treats. They are especially fond of bloodworms, mosquito larvae (glass worms), and brine shrimp. If the Silver Dollar is in a community tank, watch them at feeding time to ensure that more active and aggressive fish don’t get all the food. Silver Dollars can be rather timid in a crowd, and can end up underfed as a result.


Anonymous said...

These fish were always a favorite of mine. They look intimidating, but are great in my community.

Anonymous said...

I see these fish all the time in stores. Always catches my eye.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do Silver Dollars get along with Glass Fish? Both fish are quick when it comes to swimming so I'd think they are compatible.

Matt said...

I'm assuming you're referring to the glass catfish. The catfish probably won't be bothered by the Silver Dollar, as long as they are both fed properly. Also, the glass catfish does better in schools of maybe 4 or more.

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They will also eat cooked vegetables such as peas and squash. When feeing any fresh food, take extra care to remove any uneaten portions promptly, as it will foul the water.

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