Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Boy Blue - Book Shows Truth of Some Shelters

In the course of the 3 days that it took me to read this book, as many as 42,000 companion dogs died in American Animal Shelters.  I had recently posted some press clippings from the new book, Little Boy Blue in a past post on my blog. I had the opportunity to finish reading the book recently and was moved by what is happening to dogs in many shelters.  

There is a common thought that the best thing to do for an unwanted dog is to bring them to the local animal shelter. However, in this book, author Kim Kavin illustrates the issues in many of the animal shelters in the southern states, including those with a kill rate 95% of all dogs they take in off the streets.

After adopting a dog from a North Carolina animal shelter, Kavin is inspired to do additional research into the life of her new dog, Blue.  The discoveries she makes will make any dog lover cringe.

Did you know that taxpayers spend $15 million a year on shelters where dogs die in gas chambers?

This book not only exposes these truths of animal shelters, but it also tells inspiring stories of the grass-roots rescue network that has exploded across the nation in recent years.

I would suggest this book to any dog lover.


Kim Kavin said...


Thank you for the very kind review of my book "Little Boy Blue." I am glad that you enjoyed it and are going to recommend it to dog lovers everywhere.

I would like to correct three facts, please.

First, Blue is from North Carolina, not South Carolina.

Second, I researched his history after adopting him, not prior to adoption.

And last, while the shelter where Blue was rescued does have a 95 percent kill rate unless rescue groups intervene, not all of those dogs are killed in a gas chamber. Some are killed using lethal injection, as the shelter director explains to readers.

Thank you again for your favorable review. I appreciate your support for "Little Boy Blue" and its message of rescue.

Kim Kavin

Matt said...

Thanks..that's what I get for trying to cram in some posts...I made some edits to my original post.

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