Friday, December 23, 2011

Ideas for pet presents

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Some people love it, and others loathe it, but buying and exchanging gifts with others is now a big part of Christmas, and it some cases it includes buying for the animals of the household too.  Of course, animals can’t tell you what they want under the tree on Christmas morning, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

·         A sure-fire winner with pets – and people for that matter – is food. Whether that’s an extra-generous helping of your pet’s favourite treat, or a special purchase for the festive season, you won’t go far wrong appealing to their stomachs over Christmas!

·         An easy choice for dogs is a chew toy, of which there are probably a hundred tired and ragged ones around your home already. The choice in these types of animal toys is huge, especially if looking online, so finding something even for cats or other animals should be easy enough.

·         An idea for one-pet households for those who have the resources (i.e. time, money and attention) spare, a second pet to keep your incumbent happy would be a fantastic idea. Of all the ideas listed however, this is the one that should certainly be considered the most, as the statistics themselves show how many pets end up neglected or homeless as a result of rash festive purchases.

·         For cats and dogs, pet houses are something that might not instantly come to mind, but could work out as a great gift for your pet for Christmas.  With this type of gift, it’s important to consider other factors around the use of the kennel or cat cabin, especially if it will be intended for outdoor and night-time use, such as the climate of the area you live in and the structure’s suitability therein.

A lot of pet shops will now take all the hassle out of thinking of ideas for pet gifts, with Christmas stockings aimed at animals.  A stocking for a dog for example might contain a chew toy, some treats to eat and a ball, making it easy to pick something up for your pet.

Happy Holidays!