Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Touch of Exotic In Your Home

Ever dreamed of snorkelling in Thailand? Diving off the Australian Great Barrier Reef? Experiences like these are truly mesmerising. The range of aquatic life on view is quite breathtaking. Well now you can encounter a variety of tropical creatures from the comfort of your own home. Keeping tropical fish in a domestic setting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. Since the Disney Pixar animation Finding Nemo hit box offices in 2003, clownfish worldwide achieved above and beyond celebrity status.  While these fascinating and strikingly marked fish have certainly raised the profile of tropical species as pets, they are not necessarily ideal for the beginner. Guppies, mollies and neon tetras are among the most popular species kept and much more suitable for those who have little to no experience in keeping such animals.

Considering it?

These creatures are ideal for those looking for a relatively low maintenance yet rewarding pet or hobby. If you are looking to keep a selection of species it is a good idea to first research which varieties are at ease in the company of others. Corydoras catfish or rainbowfish for example will happily cohabite with others. The latter is known to develop bold colouring when reaching adulthood making it a valuable addition to your tank. A handful of species are known for their aggressive nature and are usually kept in a solitary environment. Certain variations of Cichlids for instance can display very territorial behaviour and it is recommended that these particular types are not placed with certain other tropical fish.

The size of tank you should purchase will depend on the number of tropical fish you are planning on housing. Recommendations usually state that every one inch long fish in your tank should have roughly twelve square inches of surface area.

Generally, tropical fish require a consistent water temperature of between 25c-27c (70f-80f). It is advised that you allow around three to four days for making any necessary adjustments in order to maintain the correct temperature before introducing your fish to their new home.

Regarding diet, small amounts of tropical fish food given once to three times a day is usually ample. It is worth noting however that for the first two weeks, the filter needs time to adjust therefore a small amount of food once every two days is recommended.

Plants and other Fish Tank Accessories make a valuable addition to any aquarium. Providing your new fish with stimulating objects to explore and engage with will enable you to observe the behaviour that makes them such a popular household addition.

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