Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why Do Dogs DESTROY Their Squeaky Toys?

Some dogs are very destructive with their toys. Even dogs that are generally pretty good can be VERY destructive sometimes.

This can be a very annoying behavior if you are the dog owner buying the toys they destroy. What is equally annoying is that many dogs quit playing with their toys after they get the squeaker out or the toys quit squeaking.

Why do dogs do this?

One theory goes back to nature. When dogs hunted for prey, they would hunt and kill. Their prey would squeak or make noises.

This was part of their natural hunting instinct. Once caught, the prey made noises as the dog proceeded with the kill, which can be very satisfying to a hungry dog. When the prey was dead - the squeaking stopped. A squeaky toy can give a dog the same type of satisfaction.

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Angus said...

Seems logical.

Toys For Dogs said...


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vanessa said...

oh, what a great mind. How you figured it out? super thanks for the informative blogs..

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candice said...

wow I would never of thought of that but it makes sense

Dog Toys said...

Those surely are very factual! And that makes sense. I would agree with you because my personal pets are sometimes play that as well. They look pretty cute and gentle but whenever they giggles, surely they destroy the good faces!

Malpom Pomeranians said...

Thank you, very interesting. My little poms could destroy any toy - even if it never squeks.

price per head service said...

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