Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PetZen Launches DogTread Website

PetZen has launched a new website to tout the benefits and flexibility of dog treadmills.

DogTread.com features a navigation bar that quickly links visitors to helpful information like side-by-side dog treadmill comparisons, product feature definitions and size guidelines. The site’s Training & Resource section also steps dog treadmill information seekers through four main areas critical to understanding dog treadmills - Before You Buy, DogTread Setup, Learn to Tread, and an Experts Corner.

“The website is a direct response to answer our visitor’s questions about dog treadmills,” says Krista Wickens, co-owner of PetZen Products. “We want everyone to know as much as we do about the benefits of treading, the technical aspects of the equipment and the flexibility it can provide to many dog owners. Regular exercise is a key component to a dog’s well being, but it isn’t always possible to get outside. Treading is a not a hard skill to learn, for the dog or the owner, and it can help eliminate many of the excuses we make to our dogs.”

For more information, visit www.dogtread.com.

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