Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bunnies Don't Bark!

Everyone has something they enjoy that othes may not. In the pet world, I'm always drawn to the bunnies at the pet store and even at local fairs. They really are interesting little creatures. As I hung around them I started to observe their behavior. Observing really wasn’t all that tough-- they really don’t seem to do too much!

Now, I’m not putting down bunnies as pets, or trying to offend bunny owners. In fact, it’s like having a dog that doesn't bark. Actually, bunnies really don’t make much noise at all. They just go about their business, chewing on things, having a grand old time. They are fun to watch hopping about, and because they don’t make any noises, you have to look around at all times to see where the bunny might be don't want to accidentally step on one!

In some ways I wonder if owning a bunny is tougher then a dog or cat. Since they really don’t make any noises, it’s hard to know if the bunny is in need of anything. There is no barking, meowing, clawing, or any other obvious forms of communication that we get from our other furry pets.

And since they really don't make noises, how does a bunny tell us when he’s hungry? Or when they need something? Maybe having a bunny is tougher then I thought.


Ark Lady said...

Bunnies are pretty complex--easier than some other pets and more delicate in some cases.

Some of their communication includes grunts, screams, and grinding their teeth. They will stomp and do a bunny hop. (Hmm, wonder where the dance comes from?)

For some people the big problem is chewing and the kick scratching.

If you want to know more visit the house rabbit society website.

Anonymous said...

Rabbits can be fun, but I'll take a dog anyday.

parlance said...

Matt, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm glad you did because now I know about yours :-)
I kept fish for over twenty years and kept reptiles (beautiful, entertaining jacky dragons) after that and eventually the vet reckoned it was time I moved on to mammals and convinced me I needed a cute little puppy he was selling. Haven't looked back since then, in terms of fun and better spirits in the whole household.
I once inherited a classroom where a bunny had lived free the year before. We start our year in mid summer so it wasn't until I tried the heater six months later that I realised the pet bunny had chewed through the electric cables to the wires. Lucky it didn't electrocute itself the previous year.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I wanted a bunny so badly that I was finally able to talk my parents into it. I was just a few days from getting a bunny from our neighbors when I won a Shetland pony. It was one or the other, so I picked the pony. I loved that pony dearly but boy, was he a mean cuss! I'm thinking a bunny may have been a little friendlier. lol

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