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Guest writer: By Donna Velardi and

When out pet goes missing or lost, we panic. We feel dread and imagine every worst case scenario that could have happened or is going to happen. If we take the following steps our rate of success in locating our pet will dramatically increase.

  • We need to keep an open and clear mind. This will keep you thinking straight and clearly.

  • Don’t Panic – If your pet is missing (when missing your pet knows where they are and how to get home) as opposed to lost (lost is when they don’t know where they are or are unable to come home) if you call them in a panicked voice they may not respond to you as this is not the “voice” they are used to. So try to remain calm and call your pet in a “normal” calm voice.

  • Start your search immediately – don’t wait. The sooner you start your search the more successful you will be in locating your pet quickly.

  • Search your home immediately (especially for cats). Look under and behind items such as washing machines, reclining chairs, sofas and look behind the fabric of all the furniture. Also, check drop down ceilings and other small places that make great hiding places for small pets especially cats.

  • Walk your neighborhood; leave flyers with your pet’s photo and pertinent information. Leave flyers in all mail boxes. Post flyers on trees, polls, etc. and put them in a plastic covering as to protect them from the weather elements. Also, place in grocery stores and offices. Leave flyers within at least a 1 mile radius of your where your pet went missing.

  • Talk to as many people as possible. Actual contact with people is best as people respond and will be more helpful when they have personal contact.

  • When searching, bring a powerful flashlight with you so you can look in dark places.

  • Call all local animal shelters and VISIT THEM to see if your pet was brought there. It has been the experience of some that when a phone call is made accurate information is not always given, that is why a personal visit is better.

  • Place an ad in all local newspapers – get the information out to as many people as possible.

  • Don’t be afraid to consult with an animal communicator. They sometimes can give some detail as to the location of your pet. Inquire about fees and don’t be taken advantage of. The cost should not be that much more than their normal hourly fee and SHOULD INCLUDE FOLLOW UP CALLS FROM YOU.

  • Keep the faith – if you don’t find your pet within a week or two, DO NOT GIVE UP. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months to be reunited with your pet. Did you ever wonder where all those pets in shelters came from? Some are lost pets whose caregivers gave up on them.

  • Follow your intuition – if you are connected and bonded with your pet, follow what you feel. You will be amazed at what you find.

  • DON’T BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE BY SCAM ARTISTS. There are people out there who prey on vulnerable people. They charge large amounts of money to tell you what to put on a flyer and where you should post them. If you chose to contact a pet detective or an animal communicator, they should be reputable people and ask what their success rate is and ask for references. Also, their fee should be reasonable.

What you should include in your flyer:

  • Recent photo of your pet

  • Pet’s name

  • Your first name and phone number (a cell phone is best as it protects your privacy and you can always carry it with you)

  • Description of your pet and any unusual markings

  • A great website for missing cats is they give wonderful insights to the mind of a cat when they are lost. They explain the difference in the mind sets between an indoor cat and an outdoor cat. This site has a lot of information on locating missing pets.

If you have any questions on missing or lost pets you can contact Donna Velardi at 203-387-9738 (ZPET) or email at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments about missing pets. You are 100% right - staying calm and starting a search right away is critical in getting a pet back.

However, we do not suggest putting flyers in mailboxes or posting them on trees - unless there is postage on the flyer it is illegal to put them in the mailbox (just ask your mail carrier!) and it can damage trees. If you hang flyers on trees you might get more calls from angry neighbors than people willing to help! Flyers are for individual contacts, like your neighbors. To prove this point, just hang a poster on a telephone poll and see if you can notice it the next time you drive by. Usually you can't tell if it is a lost pet or a garage sale!

For more tips and personalized Lost Pet Profiles you can check out

Julie said...

Great tips! It's so scary when a beloved pet is missing.

Anonymous said...

Universal advice that anyone can use.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great information. I believe, its a basic steps that we have to do if we face this matter. Anyway, the info is very useful !! Thank you again

Helping-pets said...

Thank You for sharing important information like this. When a pet goes missing or even lost it is so important that we proactively react to the situation. Taking steps to protect your pet prior to having this scary and overwhelming incident happen. These steps include always keeping a collar on your pet with I.D Tags. Having your pet micro-chipped and registering them properly. Never leaving them outside unattended, this could lead to their escape as well as giving the opportunity for someone to steal your pet.

Making sure that you’re pet (s) are registered properly is vital to helping them return home. There are many companies that you can register your pet with. One of these companies is called they provide not only a registry but they also have created a proactive lost pet alert that is sent out in up to a fifty mile radius to all Shelters, Rescues, Veterinarians, Municipalities, Groomers, Kennels, Pet Industry, and Members. People find lost pets; if your community is aware that you’re pet is missing this will create a local involvement resulting in more pets being reunited with their families. Prevention and preparation is essential to keeping your family together.

Rebecca said...

making my rounds to all who participated in the blog carnival. Great blog you have here. Will add your link over at my blog and will check back often.

Robert Carpa said...

Useful information about location lost pets. Thanks

Anonymous said...

You cannot forget to post a picture and description of your lost pet online. There are several different sites on the web to help animal owners find their loved ones.

Unknown said...

Great suggestions. I hope you don't mind I posted a few of your ideas at my blog. :)

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pet supplies said...

Losing a pet is very stressful for us, our family, and our pet. They are a member of our family, providing love and support. Their attributes are almost immeasurable.I'm really glad by reading this blog.Thanks guys...

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