Saturday, July 23, 2011

#1 Surgically Removed Item From Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats commonly eat things that they shouldn't. The problem is that many items can't be digested or passed through the intestine causing a "Foreign Body Obstruction".

An indigestible object can become lodged in the stomach or intestines and may require surgery to remove it. Untreated, ingestion of these types of items can be fatal.

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), they compiled a list of most common items surgically removed from pets.

Do you know what is #1?

It is the sock!

Here is the list:

Top 10 Surgically Removed Items

1. Socks

2. Underwear

3. Panty Hose

4. Rocks

5. Balls

6. Chew Toys

7. Corn Cobs

8. Bones

9. Hair Ties/Ribbons

10. Sticks


Fage said...

We can totally see sock being number one, those things are just fantastic!

Pet Insurance said...

Amazing list. I liked it.

Lovegra said...

Fantastic list............!


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