Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone enjoy's their day. I always hated this holiday, since it was another way to make me spend money on stuff I don't need. But, now that I have a mini family, I can understand the point of it....still, I'm not spending any money! No flowers until next week, when the price for roses goes back down to a normal level.
The dogs enjoy the holiday as well; and they don't care how much I spend either, as long as they get their doggie treats. But I'm extra careful not to drop any of the chocolates that are in my house. If it's near their noses, they'll find it and eat it!

As for the fish, they're getting their regular weekly water changes. So, they'll be happy.

And, for us baseball fans, it's the official start of spring training, as pitchers and catchers report to camp.

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