Friday, January 7, 2011

Pet franchises are on the rise, according to Franchise Direct

The pet business has never been bigger. Industry experts now presume that American pet owners will invest about $47 billion on their animals this year alone. Many franchises are reaping the rewards, according to a new report from Franchise Direct.

The franchise portal credits the boom in part to American’s growing love affair with their pets. Today, 62% of US households own at least one pet. You’ll find a pet in 71.4 million American homes, which is a rise of over 20 million pets since 1998. Coinciding with the increase in pet ownership is the development of niche pet franchise markets. Pet owners now spend liberally on luxury pet hotels, vet care and upscale pet products, which are all industries that have been franchised. But the clearest proof of the power of the pet industry is this: when then US economy tanked in 2008, consumer spending on pets remained level.

Pet franchises make up a diverse and growing industry. Pet supply retailers, dog-sitting companies and many more have franchised their business model. In a growing industry like the pet market, consumers turn to companies they trust and know, which is why franchises have boomed.

As for the pet franchise scene, pet food retailers continue to drive the economy. Yet, as pets live longer, owners are also spending more on vet care, grooming, supplies and medicine. Nearly every niche in the industry features a thriving pet franchise.

Many entrepreneurs opt for a pet franchise without having previous experience working with pets. Franchise Direct has found, though, that people who love animals are especially suited to this field. Their passion for pets drives them to big things in life and business. As the Franchise Direct pet franchise report state, pet franchises are in a healthy state and ready for bigger things.

About Franchise Direct: Franchise Direct ( is one of the world's leading portals for franchise and business opportunities. Started as a single website for the promotion of franchises in the US market in 1998, Franchise Direct now operates a suite of six multilingual sites targeting North America and Europe.


My Blog said...

Many entrepreneurs come to pet franchising with no previous experience working in the pet industry. While anyone can be successful with a pet franchise, we find that people who love animals often enjoy the most success in this field. Their passion for pets drives them to better things both in life, and ultimately, in business. As the Franchise Direct pet franchise report outlines, pet franchises are in a robust state and primed for bigger things.

Guinea Pig Hutch said...

I agree that pet franchising will only bring success to entrepreneurs who truly love animals. Passion for taking care of animals won't only do great things to their business but will also change their lives forever. Great post!

abhishek said...

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