Friday, November 19, 2010

Doubts rise on bedbug sniffing dogs

Earlier in the year, I had posted about bedbug sniffing dogs.
According to a recent New York Times Article some doubts are being raised.

As the number of reported infestations rises and the demand for the dogs soars, complaints from people who say dogs have falsely alerted to bedbugs are also climbing. And within the bedbug industry, where some dog trainers and sellers are on back-order until next spring despite the dogs’ $11,000 price tag, there are fears that a rise in so-called false positives by dogs will harm their credibility and business.

This has led to many paying money for bedbug remediation where no signs of bedbugs ever existed prior as apartment complexes are having these dogs check every room.


Anonymous said...

Спасибо понравилось !

Dog Walker said...

Bedbug sniffing dogs? Wow, what's next. This is cool!