Saturday, August 21, 2010

Benefits of a Dog Park

More and more communities are adding dog parks. Here are some of the benefits for both owner and pet.

-Gives persons with limited mobility, or the elderly, the
opportunity to allow their dogs to get exercise
Provides a safe, fenced-in area to let your dog run, socialize and play, unleashed – legally
-An exercised dog makes a better next door neighbor
-Enclosed area prevents off-leash dogs from running loose and
infringing on the rights of others, such as children or those
fearful of dogs
-Socialized dogs are more adjusted to people and other dogs
and are unlikely to be aggressive and dangerous
-Promotes enforcement of dog control laws such as licensing
and regular rabies shots, making for safer, healthier
-Provides an opportunity for dog owners to socialize, meet new friends with similar interest: dogs
-Allows members of a community representing all walks of
life to come meet, to learn and to talk. This bond between
neighbors strengthens communities


parlance said...

It's funny, you know... As long as Penny was fit and well I had no interest in dog parks, because we usually go for long walks. But now I see they have their use, especially in inner urban areas.

Buy Norvasc said...

Well socialized dogs are friendlier dogs and this means fewer dog attacks and less annoying behavior. Every dog park should have a bulletin board where the Humane Society can list the pets they have for adoption and promote membership. Members of the dog park can also use this to post information and announcements for fellow dog park users.