Monday, November 9, 2009

Concern Over H1N1 in Cat

With the recent announcement that the H1N1 virus was found in a cat, it is important to be concerned. Here are is intresting viewpoint that I found:

Be Concerned, Not Panicked
The upshot is that we need to be concerned for our pets, but there’s no need to panic. Knowing that cats and ferrets are susceptible to the swine flu virus adds a heretofore unknown twist to the rapidly developing H1N1 story, but all it means is that you need to take precautions should you develop flu-like symptoms –– even with your pets.
It’s no surprise that the recommendations for reduced human to animal transmission are similar to those for preventing human to human transmission: Cough into your elbow, wash your hands before handling your pets and give them a wide berth until 24 hours post-fever.

Again, take into account that so far it appears as though only humans can transmit H1N1 to cats and ferrets. They haven’t yet given it to us, nor have we given the virus to dogs. Only time will tell whether this will remain the case. Here’s hoping that’s as far as H1N1 goes.


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