Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Canine Obesity Check

February is National Canine Weight Check (NCWC) month, according to a site called StopCanineObesity.com.

Here are some facts as provided by the site:
In the meantime, here's more info on NCWC:

The National Canine Weight Check is an effort to raise awareness about the health complications that may be faced by overweight dogs and help owners determine if their dogs are at risk.

Throughout the month of February, we're encouraging owners to get a free weight check for their dogs at a participating vet's office. To find a local vet, visit http://www.stopcanineobesity.com/findavet.

The event is supported by the American Kennel Club Humane Fund and by thousands of veterinarians across the country, through a sponsorship by Pfizer Animal Health.

You can find out more information about the program at http://www.stopcanineobesity.com/ncwc .

We've also provided you with the BARC (Body Assessment Rating for Canines) quiz, an easy tool to help identify if your dog is a prime candidate for a weight check, http://stopcanineobesity.com/barc.htm.


Wing Manager said...

Hi! I am a cook who took a manager position. I like to mis manage my pets weight by feeding them dunkin donuts with little sprinkles on top! Is that ok? Well, maybe I will give them 6 instead of 12 donuts a day. Have anything else I can screw up?

jan said...

I agree that keeping the weight controlled on pets (and people) is important, but I've been reading some things about animal control people stepping in and threatening to, or taking away, dogs. That is going too far.

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

BARC said...

Hey Matt, thank you for supporting the National Canine Weight Check and keeping people informed on this important issue! For those that don't know, there's one week left for The National Canine Weight Check - it's a great opportunity to get your dog weighed for free. I know we're all partial to our own vets, so see if your vet is one of the 4,000+ that are participating in the NCWC during February. Or visit the Find a Vet page to locate another vet in your area, www.stopcanineobesity/findavet Either way, it's a good cause to promote dog health and our dogs' health should always remain important. I'm curious to talk to anyone who makes an appointment. Thanks again for your support!

Anonymous said...

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