Monday, July 21, 2008

Morning Lesson From My Dogs

Every day when my dogs wake up, they are excited. The are wide awake, full of energy, ready to start the day. I find that there are some lessons to learn from my dogs early morning routine.

The first thing my dogs do in the morning is come over to my side of the bed, bark, and wait for me to react. They then jump up and wish me a happy good morning. The Lesson? - Maybe we should all wish our loved ones a happy good morning.

Then, when I get up for them, they are excited to start their next day. They are happy to be here, happy to be able to start anew after a restful night. Lesson - We should also be excited that we are starting our day anew.

Even if I yelled at them the night before, they are always there the next morning happy to see me. Maybe I should take that lesson to heart as well.

The dogs never tire of their early morning walks. They don't make a fuss about seeing the outside world, or being able to walk around the block. Instead, they embrace the fact that they are able to leave the house and be with their care taker on another new morning. I guess I should follow that lesson and enjoy my morning walk and be thankfull for the exercise, and the fact that others can't walk and enjoy their mornings in this way.

I never thought I could learn so much from my dog's example in just a few hours each morning.


jan said...

This is so true and the reason that I often prefer the company of dogs.

kailani said...

Dogs are always so happy and positive. You rarely see one that grumpy. No wonder they make great friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

An Island Life said...

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Anonymous said...

If only some humans were as nice as dogs! The world would be a MUCH better place!

pamibe said...

Great post! Thanks for participating in the Canine Carnival! :)

Matt said...

I reposted this as it's still important to remember the little things in life, especially in these hard time.

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