Friday, December 14, 2007

More pets getting end-of-life care

If there is any doubt that more and more people now-a-days care for their pets as if they were people, the growth of "animal hospice" may make you reconsider.

According to an article on, about 30 vets nationwide are offering services for terminally ill cats and dogs.

For terminally ill pets, hospice care gives owners an alternative to expensive medical procedures or early euthanasia by teaching them how to nurse their dog or cat at home.

Hospice care doesn't aggressively treat terminally ill dogs and cats. Instead, animals are cared for at home and made comfortable through the use of painkillers and holistic methods, until pets die or their owners decide to euthanize.

While some pets only survive a few days, others live longer than expected—sometimes years— with supportive care.

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jan said...

Am I cynical to think that this is another way for veterinarians to make money?

Matt said...

Nope, I would call it more of a realist.

PJ said...

I have one with special needs and will do what I can to give him the longest, happiest life possible. I think most pet owners feel that way about the furry side of the family and I've not met a Vet I felt was "in it for the money". The vets and assistants I've worked with have been all very caring, compasionate animal lovers themselves.

Matt said...

Thanks, PJ. It's good to hear someone who has used this service. I guess if I'm in the situation, I'd try to do the same.