Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lab tests find acetaminophen in petfood again

There hasn't been much in the news lately about the pet food industry. Seems like the problems have quieted a bit. But in doing some searches on the industry, I came across this very recent article:

ExperTox detected the painkiller in Menu Food's Special Kitty food

Monday, October 22, 2007
According to and ExperTox Analytical Laboratories, recent laboratory tests have detected the pain killer acetaminophen in another brand of petfood. The findings came in a composite of three flavors of Menu Foods' Special Kitty food: Special Kitty with beef and gravy, Special Kitty mixed grill in gravy and Special Kitty with turkey and gibblets in gravy. The tests were performed in early October by ExperTox, who also detected the toxin of melamine in the cat food.

The samples were taken from a Rhode Island pet owner who bought the Special Kitty food in February - one month before Menu announced the nationwide recall. According to the pet owner, she sent the food in the original, unopened pouches which she'd saved since March and stored in her freezer after her cats fell ill.

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